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Bored of traditional workout routine? Does your fitness goal seem to be out of reach? Wanna give up on your workout schedule and fitness goal? No.. no.. no…You need not do that! Highonzumba is at your rescue! Yes, switch over to zumba sessions and match your feet with fast pace music. Everything is better when you dance. Grooving to the beats of music feels exotic. Zumba is a workout in disguise, which seems to be a dance party rather than a workout.

Highonzumba started by Asutosh Pradhan in the year 2015 is your place! Zumba class at Highonzumba is one of the most versatile and fun fitness that makes people get crazy about availing it. Our zumba classes enable you to attain your fitness levels and are customised as per your requirement. You can burn fat from your core, arms, glutes, legs, back and the entire body at a faster rate with our high-impact zumba classes. We offer zumba, aerobics and yoga to strengthen both your body and soul. We have trained experts in zumba, dance and yoga sessions to help you out efficiently at each step. Our session schedules are designed in such a way that they will fit easily into your daily routine.

Hey Bhubaneswar! Open your arms to zumba sessions at Highonzumba and get motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Put on your tights and shoes and step into Highonzumba today!
“Worry Less and Zumba More!”


Zumba will get you started on your fitness journey. So get ready to burn those calories by shaking a leg in the most thrilling way!

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Asutosh Pradhan is a licensed and an incredible instructor of zumba sessions. He has completed his zumba instructor training and possesses the required certificate. He is authorised to offer zumba sessions. He has 7 years of teaching experience in zumba sessions and is a master in this field.

Our Team

We have 3 experts in the field of aerobics, yoga and dance to train you and help you out in the best way.


Asutosh Pradhan

Aerobics & Yoga Expert

Monalisa Patnaik

Zumba Expert

Debasish Sahoo

Yoga Expert